Calendar 2009:

The Gate to the world of creative human imagination

Brussels (Belgium)
8.4. – 28.4.2009

Gallery of Czech Center (rue du Trône 60, 1050 Brusel/Belgie) , Madou Tower (Place Madou N°1, 1210 Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, Brusel/Belgie)

Orbis pictus or… will present in Brussels during the Czech presidency in the Council of EU and in cooperation with the Directorate general for Culture and Education of the European Commission the exhibition The Gate to the world of creative human imagination. The exhibition obtained the status of official accompanying activity of the Czech presidency. Additional success is the involvement of the exhibition in the Year of creativity and innovation which has been declared by the European Commission for the year 2009. The exhibition will be further presented during the second half of 2009 as accompanying activity of the Year of creativity and innovation. The world known exhibition of interactive objects, which are manipulated by visitors themselves, will be again open for public in Europe in Brussels after its return from TELUS World of science in Vancouver Canada.


The Labyrinth of light  

Prague (Czech Republic)
12.5. – 14.7. 2009

Ekotechnické muzeum (Papírenská 6, Praha 6 160 00)
The unusual space of Ekotechnické museum in Prague 6 will be since May 2009 hosting the new interactive exhibition The Labyrinth of light, which again develops by active interaction with instruments the imagination of its visitors.  The Labyrinth of light is an imaginative laboratory of lights through which the visitors will be lead across the magic underground of the Museum.  The exhibition follows with the legendary exhibition The Gate to the World of human creative imagination, which has been traveling with a great success around Europe, North America and Czech Republic since 2006.



Liberec (Czech Republic)
23.5. – 14.7. 2009

Research Library in Liberec (Rumjancevova 1362/1, Liberec 1, 460 53)

The Leporelogame is the latest interactive exhibition concept from our artists’ workshop. One of the new elements introduced by this exhibition is the possibility of mapping spontaneity and interaction within the framework of the Orbis Pictus or... project from various angles. We wish to use the option of recording visitors’ actions, not only in the form of a DVD documentary and photographs, but to also use the possibility of archiving spontaneity directly on the medium of paper as it is touched by visitors.